O my Luve is like a red, red dress…

Red Dress

Yay! An over exposed mirror selfie! Oh well, you get the point.

I ignored red for most of my adolescence and early adult life. It was too strong! It would wash out this pale skin and darken my hallow eyes, so I believed, however…beginning… well, only 5 years ago or so I took it in. Into my bosom..um err I mean wardrobe I welcome…”So fair art thou, my bonnie lass.. So deep in luve am I” (and Robert Burns turns in his grave). The fact that I even know that poem is thanks to Mr. Dubbie DuBrin (sp?) poor high school English teacher..we were so cruel to you, the dilettante that I am.

Cameron Diaz

SMOKN’ (I think that was actually from Ace Ventura…he he)

RED, means power, provocation, passion. I found a strappy red dress on ebay, I wanted nineties, I wanted square neck and hip hugging with a slit. I wanted to be Cameron Diaz from The Mask. Ahahaha! didn’t even realize it until today, just now as I was processing this photo! That was what I was going for. She was my ideal sexy lady. Could I recreate it via Socratic method? No, well, it’s just a dress but red it a new love. Red I embrace thee!



And since we’re on the topic of 90’s movies…dude have you seen The Room!?! I am without words. Above, a gif, imagine this line read like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a bunch of gummie worms in his mouth. If you haven’t seen it, The Room is the best, worst Movie I have ever seen.