Where it all began, Mary Quant.

“We thought we were making clothes for our friends; for sort of art students, actresses and a few sort of um crazy people around Chelsea..I think, in a funny way, we must have anticipated what people wanted and I hated fashion the way it was, I wanted clothes to be far more casual and easy going and sexy.” -Mary Quant (BBC 4 Interview in 1971)

On busting on to the London fashion scene in the late 60’s and killn’ it!

Another Fad

Jenni Murrey calls Mary Quant a “Game Changer” saying “For my generation, a teen in the 60’s, she blew away the twinset and pearls and covering your knees and brought in the mini and shoes you could actually walk even run in” (Presented by Jenni Murray BBC Radio 4 , Woman’s Hour, Wed 19 Mar 2014)

And that’s what is so inspiring; functional, fashionable and sexy! All three in one!

What you do is play both vids at once, use the music from the Fashion from 1969 vid (below) playing in the background as you listen to Mary in the 1968 CBC Archives (above) talk about making round shoes. It’s surprisingly awesome!

I want to be Mary Quant…or at least have the 1967 wardrobe at my disposal 😉

Chelsea Palace on King's Road

O my Luve is like a red, red dress…

Red Dress

Yay! An over exposed mirror selfie! Oh well, you get the point.

I ignored red for most of my adolescence and early adult life. It was too strong! It would wash out this pale skin and darken my hallow eyes, so I believed, however…beginning… well, only 5 years ago or so I took it in. Into my bosom..um err I mean wardrobe I welcome…”So fair art thou, my bonnie lass.. So deep in luve am I” (and Robert Burns turns in his grave). The fact that I even know that poem is thanks to Mr. Dubbie DuBrin (sp?) poor high school English teacher..we were so cruel to you, the dilettante that I am.

Cameron Diaz

SMOKN’ (I think that was actually from Ace Ventura…he he)

RED, means power, provocation, passion. I found a strappy red dress on ebay, I wanted nineties, I wanted square neck and hip hugging with a slit. I wanted to be Cameron Diaz from The Mask. Ahahaha! didn’t even realize it until today, just now as I was processing this photo! That was what I was going for. She was my ideal sexy lady. Could I recreate it via Socratic method? No, well, it’s just a dress but red it a new love. Red I embrace thee!



And since we’re on the topic of 90’s movies…dude have you seen The Room!?! I am without words. Above, a gif, imagine this line read like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a bunch of gummie worms in his mouth. If you haven’t seen it, The Room is the best, worst Movie I have ever seen.





So I was born and raised in the wild west of Arizona, more like urban cowgirl because I hate the smell of manure and I am deathly afraid of horses (ever since Tumbleweed, Leigh’s ill tempered and potbellied pony of a horse bit my arm at 9…shaking fist…seriously it left a bruise a the size of an orange!). I swore upon leaving at 18 that I would never move back, swore . I had been drug up and down Indian reservations and to the Herd Museum so many times I can’t count. I can identify Zuni deities and Hopi hairstyles for Pete’s sake! And now I’m back, I did what I swore I’d never do and I love native american art, Sonoran mexican food and I want to curl up under a freakn’ Navajo rug and watch the sunset.

I blame this picture from my preschool. Two year old Cara in a studio atop a pony, fringed chaps and vest. I especially like the pink bandanna, nice touch. Imprinted with the southwest, I return to my urban roots to ogle purple mountains majesty on the horizon and really wide avenues. This is home.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

…When you’re Andy Williams (totally stole that from a grumpy cat meme) no judgement.

I stayed with my Grandparents for a few days earlier this month and had a rock awesome time watching shows, cooking, looking through 1960’s and 70’s photos of my parents, here are a few gems (he he he)

In addition Grandmother and I gorged ourselves on holiday television programming. The all-time highlight was a Christmas Special on PBS, The Best of Andy Williams Christmas.


Now when I told my dear Mother that I was watching this, eyes unblinking like a child at the mantle waiting on Santa Christmas Eve, I could literally hear her roll her eyes, much to my surprise she asked, “Cara, it’s so campy, how can you handle it?” to which I replied “That’s the beauty of it! It’s so saccharin sweet that it’s authentic, Andy Williams literally believed everything he was singing! To Andy it was the most wonderful time of the year and it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas! His smile and cheese was authentic, how can I handle it, I love it because it is truly felt, and that warms my heart”.betteandandy2

The other thing is, it’s all being seen with new eyes. I didn’t have this on a B&W in the background of my childhood. The show ended practically a decade before I was born. I didn’t even know Andy Williams was the one singing about Christmas on the radio starting the day after Thanksgiving till the New Year. Watching him talk about the show, his family and the memories they had making it, was a treat.

The sets were as plastic as they come, the costumes over the top, and did I mention his array of matching outfits with his brothers! Hilarious! I am personally fond of the white turtle neck combo.

But that’s the glory of it. I think there’s something in me, maybe even in all the millennial kids that lived through the recession, to want to know it’s going to be ok, that our family will surround us and sing and laugh and dance, that the world isn’t such a scary place, with no jobs and people taking advantage of each other and these awful wars. Maybe if we all watched a little more Andy Williams we’d appreciate it (sorry about the speech, I’ll come down off my soap box now).

Blessings to you and your loved ones this Holiday Season, hold them tight, tell them you love them and sing a few carols for good cheer.

Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year!

Peace and Love,


P.S. And I know it wasn’t all easy for Andy and his wife apparently she was…well wild, “ran away with that professional skier!” Oh my! Well that’s what Grandmother said anyway 😉

When Flying was Sexy…

Among other things, so light up your cigarettes recline in your spacious seats, we’re preparing for take-off.

While passing through various airports this holiday season, a display of photos caught my eye. They were on the development of my beloved hometown airport, Sky Harbor International . The desert motif is mixed with 60’s modern design as you can see in the photos below.

And! some vintage articles, an amazing travel bag #want!  fine cutlery and decks of cards to pass the time (those people really suffered…right).Pan Am

Now for PAN AM awesomeness, did you know there’s a store totally dedicated to merchandise and flight themed goods in the Seattle Tacoma Airport? You didn’t?!? Well, well, well ,my friend check-it-out!

Planewear has  similar repro  bags I was drooling over a minute ago, amid other flight themed items (the toddler bomber jacket is just plane (he he) adorable!)  If you’re in SEA-TAC  B Gates, you must stop in!


The 1960’s were the golden era of air travel. You had to dress up, could expect a young women to wait on you in a miniskirt with a smile, and the silverware was real, real silverware and the drinks free. I won’t bore you too long with the stark comparison to modern air travel. Let’s just leave it at; active wear that’s right bust out your leggings and hoodies everyone, overweight gentleman in a middle seat on a five hour flight pushing your elbow of the arm rest, and free peanuts.

Back to my vintage fantasy: gender in the workplace aside, running away to become a stewardess  was a glamorous and exciting venture for most young and fresh woman of the 1960’s, freedom to travel, independence and high (get it?) fashion. As presented by various movies including Almost Famous where Zooey Deschanel shows off a lot of leg and sass to her momfhd000ALF_Zooey_Deschanel_006

(Had to throw this in, I love this movie!)You'll be cool

And  in Catch Me If You Can…aww Leo…catch-me-if-you-can

So let’s talk about the fashion! Miniskirts, bright colors and fabulous, adorable, teeny tiny marzipan box hats cute as buttons on perfectly sculpted hair.

National Geo did a short vid on air travel in the 60’s which is fun looking at the carefree way it’s presented like those classic Disney movies where everyone is smiling.


Well Passengers, thank you for choosing to read my blog, it’s always a pleasure to have you visit. Please sit back, relax , enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!



Gems From Retronaut and Reblogging

Some, well, interesting photos reblogged from my all-time FAV! Retronaut. These 1950’s and 60’s specimens where um err… not only uncomfortable looking poses are modeled but they are compounded by the presence of odd props…take a lookie lookie…


Note the…I can’t even caption this! Ahhh this brush is so soft I’ll take a picture in my nightgown…um…ok?


Or this …Let’s use pretty much everything in the studio and be sure to crank your neck so you look like you may fall off the ladder and remember, smile 🙂

You know I saw this stellar blog post and I really wanted to share it with you but then I had this pang of guilt, is it ok to reblog? Do people do this regularly…I think so, but I don’t want to be hated by those I dearly love, follow, admire . So you know what I did? I googled it, yep , I entered “Is it kosher to reblog?” right in that little white box and of course google didn’t answer my question, it got all caught up on the word “kosher”! Like nobody uses kosher except in the context of Jewish culture ! Then rabbit trail of of gold paved trails! I found this blog post, it answered the question of all questions, it was the quintessential google search outcome of all outcomes “Are Unicorns Kosher?” well here is the answer…

Unicorns are kosher. There was an actual talmudic debate and the current consensus is that unicorns are kosher. There is no conclusion to this paragraph, I just wanted to announce that I belong to a religion whose clergy members thought it was important to decide whether or not we could eat unicorns and then concluded that yes, yes we could, as long as the meat is drained of blood and not eaten with dairy.

reblogged you’re welcome.

A Tale of Two Selfies (Bathroom)

The return of vernacular dribble on not totally fashion related topics, YES! It is I! Sorry for the long hiatus but I was secretly trying to weed out my true followers, haha! that’s a lie, but for whatever reason, now I’m back! So let’s talk about NY Fashion week, JK! Fooled again you are! (didn’t you know I use this creative space to post selfies from the hideously wallpapered bathroom at my parent’s house!).

Behold! 2 examples of my recent work attire. #1 a lovely Martha’s Vineyard ensemble (you should pronounce it ansam-‘bleh’ for effect) totally preptastic and chic. #2 My totally 80’s revival, pulled from Mom’s goodwill pile, silk blouse and pencil skirt duo.IMG_20151104_063418

#1 Nautical Cara strikes again complete with chambray (the correct pronunciation of this word, if you didn’t know as I did and called it “cambree” and was corrected by a sophisticated J-crew employee at the Biltmore [rolling my eyes] oh do you mean “sham-breh”? yes that’s what I mean, thank you for letting me know :/ softly cries into her French jean shirt..]tumblr_static_tumblr_me76csm5qc1ruyb0oo1_500

#2 The 80’s IMG_20151112_072937Yes, they live again and I’m still trying to decide if this silk shirt is more Bowie from the 1986 film The Labyrinth (sans awesome half-moon medallion necklace and form fitting vest…I would literally beg on hands and knees for such a vest) tumblr_mo881u6jZx1rbvi6mo1_500Or a more subdued Tom Hulce from the 1984 dramedy, Amadeus (really that’s how you categorize it IMDb? Really? But it’s soo sad…more like a tragedy, you know that last scene [spoiler alert] where they toss his sheeted body into a mass grave 😥 real tears])tom hulce Apparently I like using parenthesis, parenthesi?? Wait… what’s the singular of parenthesis? or are they the same singular and plural like deer? Oh dear…FOCUS CARA! (that’s my name for all those of you who are reading for the first time…it’s doubtful any of my readership had the patience to forebear the long silence..) And last but not least…can I compare thee to a.. Seinfeld Pirate (you’re welcome Daveed).puffy_shirt_2964582k


So that’s a wrap, but don’t worry I won’t go another 9 months without a post, my promise.



Vintage Cookbook: A Letter

Dear Reader,

I address this to you as if writing to you. We should be seated across from eachother speaking in excited and warm conversation, but alas technology and distance separate us so I’ll leave the forces that be and remain in this unconventional method of correspondence between close friends. Have I ever told you about my vintage cook book? No!? Well I do apologize for it is one my dearest and most beloved possessions. The pages are near pristine and though the 3rd ring on the binder refuses to close completely allowing pages to mangle, it is indeed a treasure and I treat it with the up most care.

Gingham Cook Book

My Better Homes and Garden’s Cookbook has page after page of hard to acquire recipes. Not only are they explained simply, the no fuss ingredients and old school style are soo helpful in making food I make tasty really good. The biscuit recipe  saved my life many a time, true story!. They are so light and fluffy and not the overly salty artificial home flavor of so many a biscuit acquired at the chain restaurants. Of course they don’t reheat well but what quick bread is meant to last more than the meal it was prepared for …I mean really? This is food, not a durable consumer good, it should have no shelf life and be enjoyed even savored for it’s brief and purposefullfilled (compound word I just made up) existence, like a masterpiece etched in a sandy beach, it’s enjoyment lasting only in the senses; the beautiful bulbous structures of the mind forever guard it’s enjoyment.


Simply the food from this little gingham Better Homes Recipe book makes life better. Look here at the delicate crab and Swiss quiche recipe. I have turned to it a thousand times to make an easy bright and satisfying brunch!

The tang of the cheese and sunshine of the lemon zest! Then surprise a hint of dark and earthy from the “dash of ground mace” How exciting! Here is the end product (presentation lacking but the flavor is elegant). I recommend serving it with sliced bosc pear or a frisee with a light vinaigrette. (Also I’ve made some modification, smoke salmon instead of canned crab…fresher fish is always better 😉



Smoke Salmon Quiche

In addition to the miraculous quiche and biscuit recipes there are all kinds of pictures from another era. A Brady Bunch Kitchen! Table Displays where hands with pointed nails show off holly berries and jello molded sorbets! What a jem!

IMG_20150111_101621 IMG_20150111_101331

So my love, should you come across one of these old and wayward cookbooks do not turn aside, Oh No! Snatch it up, mind the binding and discover the majesty of home cooking !

Hearts and Warm Thoughts!



Jackson Grayhound

Work took me to Jackson, Mississippi  (I cant help but spell it out loud each time I write it, it’s this kind of chant that I learned as a child: m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i … doesn’t have the same ring when written out…sad ). I had never been to either Jackson or Mississippi for that matter, so it looked to be just  another city on a map, and  I really didn’t expect much beyond the usual conference scene, maybe some overcooked chicken dinners and for sure lots of hand shaking. But the city has such treasures and add to that an interesting history, of which I will now divulge the from my mental clippings of four days thither.

After orienting myself to my hotel and it’s surrounding, I began to take in what is Jackson Downtown. Each day walking down Lamar Street, in the morning from the hotel, coffee in hand, and on my return, sun setting behind faded buildings.

The curved steel and blue of a certain structure caught my gaze again and again, like something from a glamorous movie during the golden age of Hollywood! Luckily, downtown Jackson doesn’t have much going on so I could stand in the middle of the street  and snap a few pictures!

Street View

The Jackson Grayhound Station. It is fitting that it be a beautiful lone ranger in the otherwise banal high rises and brass pillars of it’s neighbors. My behavior of staring at buildings  and snapping photos like a NYC tourist did not go completely unnoticed.

The passers-by just shrugged hurrying off to their day time occupations. Jackson had an abandoned hush over it like an elementary school during summer. There was evidence of it being looked after, a nicely arranged pot of flowers here  and polished letters advertising a Law Office there…but people were few and far between. The ambiance gave me a Martian Chronicles feel and I studied the buildings like relics of a lost civilization. Who used to walk these streets? Men in double breasted pinstripe suits tipping their fedoras, the click click of heels, shop windows reflecting a navy wool skirt suit and red lipstick.

Researching the Old Grayhound Station, I found that it was the end point on the long journey for the Civil Rights protesters, The Freedom Riders during the early 60’s. They road buses to key locations in the movement, raising awareness for their cause and speaking to the masses of repressed and brave African Americans throughout the South (Kevin Levin, Professor Civil Rights Tour 2014 ).

It was restored in 1988 by a the local architect Robert Parker Adams and now houses his interior design offices. Wow! To have that kind of money to recognize an amazing building in need of a face-lift, buy it, and make it fabulous! What a gift to the city of Jackson. Luckily it wasn’t torn down for some 1980’s monstrosity of a cement bloc sky scrapper or meeting its end as another downtown fast food restaurant.


The Jackson Grayhound Station is a classic 1930’s Art Deco design built cerca 1937. Smooth lines, chrome and simplicity.  I read somewhere that the discovery of the King Tut’s tomb (1922) and the artifacts from within influenced the movement, but I couldn’t tell you where I read it so now it’s just something to ponder.

Here are some pictures of the interior, love love love the checkered floors, fenced reception and well just about everything! (Photos from The New Southern View )






And I leave you with one more mystery, another historic building on the edge of downtown Jackson yet to be researched by this amateur blogger and photographer (did you see the ones I took?!? It’s all in the filter darling…sometimes I even impress myself he he).


The Mall

RUMUR.com just released these throw back photos of Mall goers from the 1980’s. Mind=Blown!

Malls Across America I know it’s a link…but really it’s worth the click, I promise 😉

Yes, I was a child of the 80’s and yes the Mall was quintessential to my being..MY VERY BEING! Do I hold this as a point of pride, no dear reader, I do not,  I’m not ashamed of the copious hours I spent lazing around the ground floor fountain, waiting for a certain blond individual with a slouchy flannel to share my fries with…the Mall…

Did I not grow up in the southwest! The only  retreat from the inferno of summer was the 1,400,000-squarefoot  mecca of capitalism, Metro Center Mall (notable for it’s appearance in multiple scenes of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey).

Yeh...pretty sure this was outside the Dillard's

Yeh…pretty sure this was outside the Dillard’s

The pictures from RUMUR are totally awesome (insert air guitar). There are people smoking in the Mall in public spaces What is that?!?? and the Mom Jeans! and the Hair! Lawdy Laawwwdy those bangs girls! Wait a second…I think I can dig up a childhood photo with some of those bangs he he…

Here ya go…


OMG and crazy face LOL! Maybe I find this more humorous than you do but seriously I’m dying laughing…hold on I think I have another one…


My poor mother…this was at my Aunt’s wedding…they must had a number of retakes…always the ham of the family even then. Oh and yes…the not so discretely placed birthmark on my upper lip (Eww ! That ugly mole, I got that thing removed years ago -Buffy) they say all artists must suffer in their childhood well since my was removed by the age of six it may explain why this blog remains short and inconsistent…but that is beside the point… back to my favorite topic as you know…the Mall…or at least the topic at hand.

Here are a few of the photos that really made me happy.


AHaha Muscleman!

AHaha Muscleman!

Ramone's Dad

Ramone’s Dad

I Love the 80’s and hope you enjoyed this little time capsule as well. In honor of the Season I leave you with this parting…

Be Excellent To Eachother