Where it all began, Mary Quant.

“We thought we were making clothes for our friends; for sort of art students, actresses and a few sort of um crazy people around Chelsea..I think, in a funny way, we must have anticipated what people wanted and I hated fashion the way it was, I wanted clothes to be far more casual and easy going and sexy.” -Mary Quant (BBC 4 Interview in 1971)

On busting on to the London fashion scene in the late 60’s and killn’ it!

Another Fad

Jenni Murrey calls Mary Quant a “Game Changer” saying “For my generation, a teen in the 60’s, she blew away the twinset and pearls and covering your knees and brought in the mini and shoes you could actually walk even run in” (Presented by Jenni Murray BBC Radio 4 , Woman’s Hour, Wed 19 Mar 2014)

And that’s what is so inspiring; functional, fashionable and sexy! All three in one!

What you do is play both vids at once, use the music from the Fashion from 1969 vid (below) playing in the background as you listen to Mary in the 1968 CBC Archives (above) talk about making round shoes. It’s surprisingly awesome!

I want to be Mary Quant…or at least have the 1967 wardrobe at my disposal 😉

Chelsea Palace on King's Road


Mods vs Rockers 1964 England

Yes I know reader, I hinted at a post on Sophia Lauren but I was so delightfully distracted by this article in September 16, 1964 TIME Magazine that I just had to write about it. The violent clashes on beaches and in cities between the glamorous Mods and the bada$$ Rockers was just too tantalizing to pass up!

These were literally “Style Wars” , young Brits who preferred different clothes, music and ways of getting around fight for…well who knows but man are they angry…and well dressed.

Page 1Kenmore Toilets

(“Honey those Kenmore toilets are so hot!)

This could have a parallel style “war” (less violent) with teens today,  Hipsters vs Punks. The Punks just like the Rockers are fewer in number, have ties to music that is somewhat passé and prefer it a little on the rough side, leather clothing , black jackets and such. Depending on the punk affiliation,  chauvinism,  if it could be called that would be lesser? I mean one of the photos shows “A Rocker, His Bike and Bird”, I don’t know about you ladies, first of all I don’t want to be named third after the bike and second being someone’s bird doesn’t really ring any bells for me….I’m probably a Mod then…

Rocker Bike and Bird


The Mods are like  hipsters, I guess . Some spend copious amounts of money on clothing and other fashion goods as well as riding a scooter…really? Does that even need to be refuted, Lawd! Owning a Vespa is so hipster there’s a private party for it and nobody knows when or where it is 😉

Mod Style

I love this quote:

“Most Mods, who knock themselves out to be conformists, would prefer to think of themselves as individualist” !

If that doesn’t scream hipster I don’t know what does…Urban Outfitters anyone? …he he he you looove it when I make fun of hipsters, just eating this stuff up I’m sure  😉

Page 2

Old FosterMod and his scooter

So I leave you to decide Mod or Rocker, maybe a little of both.

Here’s some BBC Awesome for ya: