That Makes me a Rat


Just once I want my birthday to be like an 80’s movie…right!

Well it’s not but I’ve had a lot of fun especially on my Birthday. And since it’s coming up and also it’s Chinese New Year why not combine the two?

Do you know what year you were born in. Well I’m the year of the Rat, yeppers, I’m a rat. Below is the chart if you want to know what you are…

And up until like a few years ago I didn’t even know what that meant outside of those paper menus at China Garden in small town Kansas. You know the ones that say each year and show a picture that is inevitably covered in cream cheese and syrupy plum sauce from the not so authentic crab rangoon..but again I digress, so I heard the story of the animals in the zodiac and my friend Ilin (from Taiwan mind you) told me why it’s sooo awesome to be a rat…we’re smart you see, also resourceful, so eat that!…can I get mine with those crispy noodles?.. love those ;).

So here’s the story so you can learn how your animal is not as awesome as the rat, who is cunning…


Chinese Zodiac Animals

I would like to make a side note that it’s sad that China’s rich heritage, culture and literature has been condensed to a paper menu for this blog 😳 … I’m sorry, I really do appreciate it and want to learn more. That’s why I’m planning on going to the heritage festival this weekend so I can learn more…and eat more he he.

And since this is a umm errr a fashion blog, here is a photo from 1940’s Beijing, PRIOR to the Cultural Revolution where like everyone dressed in beige jumpsuits and had page boy hair cuts..

40's Bejing

HAPPY NEW YEAR Monkeys!!! (2016 is your year my darling, I’m not calling you a monkey) ❤ ❤ ❤

Hugs and Cuddles,