Creeper or Keeper – Lionel Richie’s Hello

Dear whoever posted that ridiculous music video of Lionel Richie singing Hello without the backup. yeah you know who you are…you ruined Adele’s Hello for me.

Yep, having seen this totally awkward vid where Richie is a professor who stocks his community college student around and then she makes a weird clay sculpture of his head and they kiss (ewww) You have to watch this…but remember once seen it can never be unseen…think about it.

So now every time I hear Adele’s Hello, I see the curly 80’s mullet and stashyface of Lionel Richie. Adele’s songs make the people who hear them weep, yes sob uncontrollably at the beauty and pain of her experience and lyrics and rich voice (not to forget her 60’s style, so awesome) but no, no I feel nothing of that, I inappropriately smile and think wow Lionel Richie was a creeper…so thank you, thank you guy who felt the need to post this prior to Adele’s release of Hello.

And in case you missed it there’s some pretty funny parodies out there:

Dancing on the Cieling made this one himself

and Ellen!!!


A Tale of Two Selfies (Bathroom)

The return of vernacular dribble on not totally fashion related topics, YES! It is I! Sorry for the long hiatus but I was secretly trying to weed out my true followers, haha! that’s a lie, but for whatever reason, now I’m back! So let’s talk about NY Fashion week, JK! Fooled again you are! (didn’t you know I use this creative space to post selfies from the hideously wallpapered bathroom at my parent’s house!).

Behold! 2 examples of my recent work attire. #1 a lovely Martha’s Vineyard ensemble (you should pronounce it ansam-‘bleh’ for effect) totally preptastic and chic. #2 My totally 80’s revival, pulled from Mom’s goodwill pile, silk blouse and pencil skirt duo.IMG_20151104_063418

#1 Nautical Cara strikes again complete with chambray (the correct pronunciation of this word, if you didn’t know as I did and called it “cambree” and was corrected by a sophisticated J-crew employee at the Biltmore [rolling my eyes] oh do you mean “sham-breh”? yes that’s what I mean, thank you for letting me know :/ softly cries into her French jean shirt..]tumblr_static_tumblr_me76csm5qc1ruyb0oo1_500

#2 The 80’s IMG_20151112_072937Yes, they live again and I’m still trying to decide if this silk shirt is more Bowie from the 1986 film The Labyrinth (sans awesome half-moon medallion necklace and form fitting vest…I would literally beg on hands and knees for such a vest) tumblr_mo881u6jZx1rbvi6mo1_500Or a more subdued Tom Hulce from the 1984 dramedy, Amadeus (really that’s how you categorize it IMDb? Really? But it’s soo sad…more like a tragedy, you know that last scene [spoiler alert] where they toss his sheeted body into a mass grave 😥 real tears])tom hulce Apparently I like using parenthesis, parenthesi?? Wait… what’s the singular of parenthesis? or are they the same singular and plural like deer? Oh dear…FOCUS CARA! (that’s my name for all those of you who are reading for the first time…it’s doubtful any of my readership had the patience to forebear the long silence..) And last but not least…can I compare thee to a.. Seinfeld Pirate (you’re welcome Daveed).puffy_shirt_2964582k


So that’s a wrap, but don’t worry I won’t go another 9 months without a post, my promise.



The Mall just released these throw back photos of Mall goers from the 1980’s. Mind=Blown!

Malls Across America I know it’s a link…but really it’s worth the click, I promise 😉

Yes, I was a child of the 80’s and yes the Mall was quintessential to my being..MY VERY BEING! Do I hold this as a point of pride, no dear reader, I do not,  I’m not ashamed of the copious hours I spent lazing around the ground floor fountain, waiting for a certain blond individual with a slouchy flannel to share my fries with…the Mall…

Did I not grow up in the southwest! The only  retreat from the inferno of summer was the 1,400,000-squarefoot  mecca of capitalism, Metro Center Mall (notable for it’s appearance in multiple scenes of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey).

Yeh...pretty sure this was outside the Dillard's

Yeh…pretty sure this was outside the Dillard’s

The pictures from RUMUR are totally awesome (insert air guitar). There are people smoking in the Mall in public spaces What is that?!?? and the Mom Jeans! and the Hair! Lawdy Laawwwdy those bangs girls! Wait a second…I think I can dig up a childhood photo with some of those bangs he he…

Here ya go…


OMG and crazy face LOL! Maybe I find this more humorous than you do but seriously I’m dying laughing…hold on I think I have another one…


My poor mother…this was at my Aunt’s wedding…they must had a number of retakes…always the ham of the family even then. Oh and yes…the not so discretely placed birthmark on my upper lip (Eww ! That ugly mole, I got that thing removed years ago -Buffy) they say all artists must suffer in their childhood well since my was removed by the age of six it may explain why this blog remains short and inconsistent…but that is beside the point… back to my favorite topic as you know…the Mall…or at least the topic at hand.

Here are a few of the photos that really made me happy.


AHaha Muscleman!

AHaha Muscleman!

Ramone's Dad

Ramone’s Dad

I Love the 80’s and hope you enjoyed this little time capsule as well. In honor of the Season I leave you with this parting…

Be Excellent To Eachother

Simply Irresistible!

The 80’s are truly a guilty pleasure of mine and the fashion was a world unto it’s own. Socks with heels, frizzed out hair and lots of eye makeup. So when I randomly get one of the top 40 songs of the 80’s stuck in my head I look up the music video just for kicks ( I think somewhere I heard that if you get a song stuck in your head you should listen to it and then it will magically exit like a unicorn barfing rainbows or something, let me tell ya, it doesn’t work) Today at work I got Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer stuck in my head, thanks Dave! Really thank you 😉 I dutifully watched the cheese a$$ video, smiled when I saw the girls dancing and over done makeup and thought well that was nice. And low and behold a video ad caught my eye. ZZ Top Legs. I used to wear fold over socks with lace trim all the time in the 80’s. So I clicked on it, and boy was I in for a treat. This was my first time ever seeing ZZ Top. I know, I know , “what? did you live in a cave????” , my response “No, as a matter of fact I didn’t, I just wasn’t exposed to things normal kids were ok! Like, music videos, Mario Brothers and Coco Puff cereal”. ZZ Top is blowing my mind right now! Those beards! What is this Duck Dynasty with fur guitars?! Ahahahahaha! and the “story line” of the video. zztoplegs   Gandalf hijacked fairy godmother granting wishes for clerks and food service workers to be cool. What in the world? It’s a recommended watch. I also take it that legs and not boobs were more important for hetero female sexiness. Just say’n there’s a lot of legs in this video if you didn’t already get that from the title..LEGS. Then I found this one, of which the narrator could use some tuning , but the content is hilarious, it was a flash back . My favorite line “Was Micheal Jackson the only person who could dance in the 80’s? Seriously!” she’s cracking me up.

Time After Time: 80’s Does the 50’s

The 50’s were snappy and who wouldn’t dig the far out 60’s ? But where totally awesome meets way cool would have to be 80’s does the 50’s. Yes, I’m a product of the 80’s which could possibly incline me towards a personal bias and perhaps a tad bit of nostalgia. But don’t worry reader, I wont start boring you with  Teddy Ruxpin stories or  how much better things were under Ronald Reagan ahahaha !

No no, here I will digest what I find to be the very best of that radical fusion!


The fashion of the 50’s is mainly in solid colors pastels and Crinoline dresses along with the slim tie and greased hair for the gents. I have a selected a few fellas and dolls that really hold it all together 😀

The Duckman!

I name The:  80’s fashion icon!

Pretty in Pink

(Note the greased hair and blazer reminiscent of the sleek suited mad men, however 80’s spin, cotton tee underneath button up shirt with popped color, though you cant see it, he has on black high water slacks and white socks and Creepers.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Creepers, they are loafer inspired almost Dr. Marten’s thickness of sole 80’s to the max. Duckie does them a service in his dancing…The Creepers!

and AND he’s wearing a brooch! a brooch (lil’ gender bend) I LOVE IT!!!!!

Duckie sings Otis Redding!!! (This post is a total indulgence! on my part, is it ok to be completely obsessed with your own post, like I just can’t get enough…thank you Depeche Mode, I could just go on and on!)

Here’s the video:


The slick pastel suit, the undone polka dot tie and I’m sure he’s wearing a pair of sleek saddle shoes or shiny patented loafers. 80’s Bowie you will always be my first love!



Bowie’s Modern Love from the 1983 album Let’s Dance is the 80’s does the 50’s  anthem, understated, pop fun and super cheesy this song has it all. (side note: adolescent Cara would blast this snap her fingers to the side and “skillfully” recreate Bowie glory , I am a lip sync master 😉  ♪♫ I know when to go out…and when to stay in ♫ I get things done ♪ ♫


Let’s move on to the Ladies:

This genre saw a mix of  high wasted skirts shoulder sloping v-necklines and strapless bodices amid the wide midi puffy skirts. Bold pastels and busy light colored prints against dark backgrounds were on the palate. the 80’s awoke the animal inside! Leopard, cheetah and zebra prints reign supreme. Did I mention lace, yes? lots of lace. Madonna ran with the idea especially picking up on the delicate and functional finger-less gloves.


Hair was big! BIG! but the bob was more important than the beehive, unless you were a part of the B 52’s 😉 Accessories were bold and numerous, continuously layered, it was kind of ridiculous, but I do enjoy the large plastic button earrings and bangle bracelets. You can find them everywhere and they are a must have! So many colors and sooo super cute!

button earrings


Classic use of 1980’s go 50’s, is the dress Kathleen Turner wears to her high school reunion in the 1986 Peggy Sue Got Married. A metallic ruffled party dress, complete with metal belt. First of all Metallic Fabrics yikes! But the way the designers modernized the 50’s look is interesting.

Peggy Sue got married 1986 Francis Ford Coppola Kathleen Turner



They drop the waist but keep the figure of the 50’s silhouette by maintaining a form fitting bodice and adding a belt. Also the ruffles blend in the country square dance thing that went around in the late 50’s . This is  a really fun fantasy film as well as being directed by Francis Ford Coppola it had to be a gem.

Since I continue to list movies lets look at a few other favorites.


Little Shop of Horrors! Audrey is AMAZE, how small is Ellen Greene’s waist!


Love love love the cheetah print wiggle dress and heels! Adorbs!!

The Outsiders…a little bit of jean, a whole lot of hunk 😉



Nothing says summer and the 80’s like Dirty Dancing!

Pastel pinked, jorts, white ked’s Yay!

Dirty Dancing



And por final, a bit of kitsch…

Nicole I think this was hanging in your room in middle school/high school ha ha!


80's mickey and mini