Vintage Cookbook: A Letter

Dear Reader,

I address this to you as if writing to you. We should be seated across from eachother speaking in excited and warm conversation, but alas technology and distance separate us so I’ll leave the forces that be and remain in this unconventional method of correspondence between close friends. Have I ever told you about my vintage cook book? No!? Well I do apologize for it is one my dearest and most beloved possessions. The pages are near pristine and though the 3rd ring on the binder refuses to close completely allowing pages to mangle, it is indeed a treasure and I treat it with the up most care.

Gingham Cook Book

My Better Homes and Garden’s Cookbook has page after page of hard to acquire recipes. Not only are they explained simply, the no fuss ingredients and old school style are soo helpful in making food I make tasty really good. The biscuit recipe  saved my life many a time, true story!. They are so light and fluffy and not the overly salty artificial home flavor of so many a biscuit acquired at the chain restaurants. Of course they don’t reheat well but what quick bread is meant to last more than the meal it was prepared for …I mean really? This is food, not a durable consumer good, it should have no shelf life and be enjoyed even savored for it’s brief and purposefullfilled (compound word I just made up) existence, like a masterpiece etched in a sandy beach, it’s enjoyment lasting only in the senses; the beautiful bulbous structures of the mind forever guard it’s enjoyment.


Simply the food from this little gingham Better Homes Recipe book makes life better. Look here at the delicate crab and Swiss quiche recipe. I have turned to it a thousand times to make an easy bright and satisfying brunch!

The tang of the cheese and sunshine of the lemon zest! Then surprise a hint of dark and earthy from the “dash of ground mace” How exciting! Here is the end product (presentation lacking but the flavor is elegant). I recommend serving it with sliced bosc pear or a frisee with a light vinaigrette. (Also I’ve made some modification, smoke salmon instead of canned crab…fresher fish is always better 😉



Smoke Salmon Quiche

In addition to the miraculous quiche and biscuit recipes there are all kinds of pictures from another era. A Brady Bunch Kitchen! Table Displays where hands with pointed nails show off holly berries and jello molded sorbets! What a jem!

IMG_20150111_101621 IMG_20150111_101331

So my love, should you come across one of these old and wayward cookbooks do not turn aside, Oh No! Snatch it up, mind the binding and discover the majesty of home cooking !

Hearts and Warm Thoughts!



Winter Coats and Memories

Coat and HatIt’s been soo cold out these past few days, which prompted me to wear both my coat and hat! While in Kansas the Gma commented on my cream coat and wondered where I had purchased it. United Colors of Benetton I said, which didn’t register but that’s alright the store here closed anyway.
I liked the classic clean look and collar that would pop up or lie down nicely.
It’s not totally double breasted lacking the second row of buttons but it does cross the chest and button. Maybe she liked the coat because it reminded her of another she wore when she was a girl.

I found this photo in a paper bag amid others ranging from the 1920’s Grandma Zella hanging from an old Jalopy all the way to Grandma’s retirement from the Phone Company . I sat on the floor and took picture of these pictures imagining this world past.

Grandma Mary

Grandma is dressed in a double breasted winter coat with a hat. It must be the early forties and I believe she is around 4 or 5 years old. She showed me this picture once “That’s my cousin Jack” she said, pointing to the boy in the flight hat and goggles (Adorable). “He was my favorite, we had so much fun running around the woods in Arkansas , but he died a long time ago now, I miss him”.

The Bond Girls: You Only Live Twice

Bond movies, oh yes classics that ran on Saturday afternoon marathons where I dosed in and out to high speed car chases and elegant ball gowns.Why not give it another shot! Thought I ha ha ha, only remembering the entertainment at it’s best to see the glamour and poke fun at the technology and silly plots. While viewing the 1967 film, You Only Live Twice, I was both enthralled by the iconic imagery… and repelled by … well, pretty much every word that comes out of Sean Connery’s mouth. I do believe my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head after the line..”Why do Chinese Girls taste different?” Ugh! It really kills the fantasy when James Bond is such a chauvinist jerk! but yawn, that’s already been talked to death so I’m through, but one more thing…why does he have to be so hairy?!?! Eewww!!! ok I’m done.

Choosing to focus on the lovely ladies and their attire** let us begin with the gorgeous and sophisticated Akiko Wakabayashi.

Look at how she sparkles in the chiffon powder blue gown she wore to the Sumo match. The boat neck and fitted shift really highlight her elegant long neck and delicate form.

Akiko Wakabayashi

Then we have the scene at the dock. Aki wears an oversized cream sweater, ankle jeans and white tennis shoes. If that isn’t the perfect Saturday outfit I don’t know what is. Classic, cute and fun! And perfect for a quick get away!

At the dock

Aki kills it in a pink lawn dress that I absolutely must have! Not only is pink, one of my most fav colors, but it’s a shift dress with high collar and belled slevies!!! WANT!!! She is soo adorable btw….Bond looking hairier than ever might I add 😉

Pink Dress

Top Pink Dress

Next we have Femme Fatale Helga played by Karin Dor. Red hair and awesome curves pulling on the “every man’s fantasy” Rita Hayworth imagery.

Seems you're in a Tight Spot Bond!

Seems you’re in a Tight Spot Bond!

I want to recreate this, you'll have to watch the movie for the full effect. So MadMen! I love it!!!

I want to recreate this, you’ll have to watch the movie for the full effect. So MadMen! I love it!!!

Blofeld (Guy that looks like Dr. Evil) is disappointed in Helga’s performance. She was to seduce Bond, not the other way around!!! to the rabid paranas, where you shall meet your most painful and timely death!! Muahahahaha!!! Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This lady looks “killer” in red!

And yes, lastly, I should mention Mie Hama playing Bond’s pseudo wife for the terribly rendered transformation of Bond into a Japanese man.


(it was hard to decide does he look more like Spock or Jim Carry from Dumb and Dumber…I’ll let you choose #thingsyoucouldneverdotoday #terrible)

Mie Hama pretty much wore a white bikini throughout the movie. She has a really sweet face and I love the bangs!

After enjoying You Only Live Twice my boyfriend and I decided we would let the professionals handle the spoofing and treated ourselves to the oldie but goodie Austen Powers: International Man of Mystery. Definitely worth a revisit 🙂

**You Only Live Twice Costume Design by Eileem Sullivan

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