Krupa and Rich

Krupa and Rich

Unabashedly the most amazing album I ever invested $4 in. Look at those two, side by side, play’n drums in their amazing waist high pants socks show’n they’re a 50’s dream. Collared shirts obviously hyper color due to the fact this photo was probs in black and white and colored over. I like it that way the “vintage” feel (imagine that) .

One of them is even smiling while he plays, why wouldn’t he be!!! Watching someone talk about or perform their passion, well it’s flat out intoxicating. Apparently this album was a 1956 acoustic jazz classic, Dizzy Gillespie even makes a cameo! It looks the part, I found it wedged against martini glasses on a mid-century modern bar display at Father and Son in Downtown Raleigh. I had no idea what greatness, yes greatness I was about to hear.

I’m listening now bobbing my head. Each time a solo ends and the horns come in I imagine myself in another place. Some time and location I’ve only heard about or something alluded to in movies. A smokey bar with velvet curtain backdrop and a low stage with yellow lights all else fades into blue smoke. A semi put together band consisting of the best of the best from all around rightly friends. Each dressed to the 9’s in their suites playing away. This was a live recording though, in a studio, someone randomly shouts out”yay!” like it’s almost a club where the woman have bouffant hair and long cigarettes stained with red red lipstick.  what really awesome things were happening in Kansas City, Detroit, and New Orleans? You know how in the holodeck on TNG they get the opportunity to go back in time? 1890’s England for Data or the 1940’s Noir Mystery for Jean Luc …you now know where I’m going with this…and I’ve now lost all credibility by referencing Star Trek Next Generation (not even the original Star Trek where fashion was semi 1960’s…oh man the outfits they put on Diana Troy shriek!) Returning to the Jazz Drummers of 56′, it’s amazing, full of energy and style, I would love to have been there witnessing this masterpiece and unadulterated fun. But now, alas the record player clicks it’s sorrowful finale and all is slowing down…I must finish my glass of wine and retire for bed, brass and beats still swig’n away up there somewhere.

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