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Ziola Ugarte: 20th Century Feminist

Paper article

While passing the hotel lobby I glanced over at the paper on the coffee table, stopping to read an article that caught my eye. Who was this striking woman? She looks so mournful and her hair so classically 1930’s modern. Zoila Ugarte, using her pen to fight for women’s rights in the work place in Latin America.

Ziola photo

Maybe she is mournful because of her intelligence, a woman born with a brain in a chauvinist society. The lips almost turn to a sorrowful frown. Or maybe this photo was taken before the hardships of persecution from the masses, they fighting in the opposing camp , for the retention of Victorian norms.

Her face bears the weight of her writings. She is beautiful and strong.

First Ladies Part II: Lady Bird Johnson

Claudia Taylor born 1912 in Karnack Texas in a brick southern plantation mansion. Known as Lady Bird since childhood due to a nursemaid commenting she’s “as purty as a lady bird.”

Early Photos


Lady Bird's Dress


Lady Bird Johnson wore this yellow satin gown and sable-trimmed coat to the 1965 inaugural balls. The White House did not normally discuss the first lady’s designers but, because of the “special occasion and intense interest” surrounding the inaugural gown, staff announced that it was designed by John Moore. Aware of the tradition of donating the dress for exhibit at the Smithsonian, Mrs. Johnson chose a simple design that she thought would age well.

– The Smithsonian http://newsdesk.si.edu/photos/lady-bird-johnsons-inaugural-coat-1965

The White House Green Room


I do love all things fashionable and sixties but this dress didn’t ‘wow’ me as it were. The form is obviously mid sixties the canary yellow just screams lunch on the lawn. The boat neckline and smooth satin very conservative and consistent.

Lady Bird had a passion for natural beauty. She founded the highway beautification program where billboards were drastically limited on American highways and wild flowers were planted instead .(http://www.wildflower.org/environmental_first_lady/  University of Texas at Austin)

Though not a fashion icon, one can see by her desire to wear a ‘timeless’ piece as she understood natural beauty. Like the simplicity of a white lily or smooth petals of a rose there is a timeless elegance.

Lady Bird on a walk

I’m not going to lie, the above framed image from the First Ladies Exhibit is totally cheese. I know it was some magazine photographer following her around to show her delight in nature but there’s some parody out there waiting to happen, involving a man with a very bad brown wig speaking in falsetto

I feel bad about that last statement here’s another photo in hopes of redeeming myself…

Photo Lady Bird


Just kidding! This photo may be even more ridiculous, what did they tell her to do spin? Ahaha! I’m a terrible person… She was sweet and very lovely we’ll just end with that.

So hats off to you Lady Bird Johnson for your timelessness and natural elegance!




A Vintage Gem: Joseph Murawski

Where do I begin. While searching on Etsy for a vintage pink leather jacket (don’t judge), I stumbled upon this little gem, Carnival of the Maniac. It’s a modest shop with a whole lot of…something.

First impressions, what is going on here….I think this might …be… AMAZING!

This is the site (He’s based out of Portland…go figure): https://www.etsy.com/shop/CarnivalOfTheManiac?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Mr. Murawski has taken it upon himself to model all the clothing he sells, which is not unusual for online vintage retail, and yes, Etsy is known for some artistic rendering by its vendors, but, I kid you not, this is by far the most entertaining display I have ever laid eyes on. It  brings me so much joy, like photos of modern dance, he captures, agility, strength and movement in the human form…and add to that,ridiculous clothing which is fearless! .. I think I’m in love …he he.

Here are a few of my favorites from his Etsy shop (these are obviously not my photos, all taken by the artist himself, Joseph Murawski):

New wave sweater

Copper Suit

Hot Pink crop shirt

Mick in Cape Just making sure you’re paying attention 😉


Vintage Parasuco Jeans sued suite


Like there’s one where he’s wearing an Obama tee shirt and vintage shorts and you see a hand reaching from the ground…what is this hand reaching for, what is the message? Could it be the “arhhh I’m a zombie coming out of a grave” or maybe it’s “ahhhh I love Obama so much rock concert?” There are questions I’m interested in having answers to, just say’n.

I Love ObamaHis work is bold and fun. And as we all know, fortune follows the bold! So good on you Joseph Murawski! You’re doing it! You’re amazing!

He also has an art website…a bit darker than my taste but still just as bold: http://www.carnivalofthemaniac.com/menu.htm