The Jean Jacket

An Ode to my favorite accessory… The Jean Jacket. Give me a neatly tailored denim number and I will be pressed  to find a vintage dress that doesn’t look good with it!

The Jean Jacket is beautifully versatile. Added to any outfit for the perfect statement. It might say, “Hey I’m a Punk!” if you want to pin a slashed death metal band shirt on the back.  Or “Howdy Partner where you’d get those dungaroos?” should you wear a pair of jeans the same color to complete the Texas Tux. A, “Hey I work in a records shop in one of those ubiquitous 80’s teen movies and I’m soo cool” image is accomplished with  a few band buttons to the right below the collar and the obligatory fedora. Or throw some acid on it, roll up the cuffs and rock your heart out 1992.

Bedazzled with spikes and/or rose painted on the back, whatever its fashion orientation, almost too tiny jean jacket, I love you.

Uncle Jesse


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